Designing Hexagonal Architecture with Java and Quarkus

By Davi Vieira
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About this book

Hexagonal Architecture enhances developers' productivity by decoupling business code from technology code, making the software more change-tolerant, allowing it to evolve and incorporate new technologies without incurring significant refactoring. By adhering to Hexagonal principles, you can structure the code in a way that diminishes the effort required to understand the code.

This book starts by covering in depth the building blocks of Hexagonal Architecture, such as entities, use cases, ports, and adapters. You'll learn how to assemble business code in the domain hexagon, create features by using ports and use cases in the application hexagon, and make your software compatible with different technologies by employing adapters in the framework hexagon. Moving on, you'll get your hands dirty with developing a system based on a real-world scenario applying all the hexagonal architecture's building blocks. By creating a hexagonal system, you'll also understand how you can use Java modules to reinforce dependency inversion and assure the isolation of each hexagon in the architecture. Finally, you'll get to grips with using Quarkus to turn the hexagonal application into a cloud-native system.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to bring order and sanity to the development of complex and long-lasting applications.

Publication date:
December 2021

About the Author

  • Davi Vieira

    Davi Vieira is a software craftsman with a vested interest in the challenges faced by large enterprises in software design, development, and architecture. He has more than ten years of experience constructing and maintaining complex, long-lasting and mission-critical systems using object-oriented languages. He values the good lessons and the software development tradition left by others from the past. Inspired by such software tradition, he develops and evolves his ideas.

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Designing Hexagonal Architecture with Java and Quarkus
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