Designing and Prototyping Interfaces with Figma

By Fabio Staiano
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About this book

A driving force of the design tools market, Figma makes it easier to work with the classic design features while enabling unique innovations and opening up real-time collaboration possibilities. It comes as no surprise that many designers decide to switch from other tools to Figma.

In this book, you'll be challenged to design a user interface for a responsive mobile application having researched and understood user needs. You'll become well-versed with the process in a step-by-step manner by exploring the theory first and gradually moving on to practice. You'll begin your learning journey by covering the basics of user experience research with FigJam and the process of creating a complete design using Figma tools such as Components, Variants, Auto-layout, and much more. You'll also learn how to prototype your design and explore the possibilities with community resources such as templates and plugins.

By the end of this Figma book, you'll have a solid understanding of the user interface workflow, managing essential Figma tools, and organizing your workflow.

Publication date:
March 2022

About the Author

  • Fabio Staiano

    Fabio Staiano is an experienced interface designer and front-end developer from Italy. He started designing for the web at the age of 18, getting his degree at Fine Arts Academy on New Tech applied to Arts. His design career began in Geko, an Italian creative agency of which he later became a partner. In 2016, after getting certified in several design tools, he started teaching UX / UI and Web Design at The Guru Lab. Then, while working as a freelancer, he decided to take on a new challenge to explore frontend development in Apple Developer Academy, publishing several apps and boilerplates for designers and developers. Currently, he works on IT projects and teaches in private design schools.

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Designing and Prototyping Interfaces with Figma
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