Creating Actionable Insights Using Tableau CRM

By Mark Tossell
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About this book

Tableau CRM, formerly Einstein Analytics, is a powerful and versatile data analytics platform that enables organizations to extract, combine, transform, and visualize their data to create valuable business insights. Despite being a highly capable tool and in high demand in the industry, proficiency in Tableau CRM skills is hard to find.

Creating Actionable Insights Using Tableau CRM provides a hands-on approach to Tableau CRM implementation and associated methodologies that will have you up and running and productive in no time. The book provides you with detailed explanations of essential concepts to help you to gain confidence and become competent in using the Tableau CRM platform for data extraction, combination, transformation, visualization, and action. As you make progress, you'll understand what Tableau CRM is and where it provides business value. You'll also learn how to bring your data together in Tableau CRM, build datasets and lenses for data analysis, create effective analytics dashboards for visualization and consumption by end users, and build dashboard actions that take the user from data to insight to action easily.

By the end of this Tableau book, you'll be able to solve business problems using Tableau CRM and design, build, test, and deploy Tableau CRM analytics dashboards efficiently.

Publication date:
December 2021

About the Author

  • Mark Tossell

    Mark Tossell is the Practice Lead and Founder of Visioneer360. He is passionate about solving problems and improving processes. Salesforce Einstein Analytics (Tableau CRM) and Tableau, powered by AI, are the tools of his trade. He is a proud wearer of the Salesforce Gold Hoodie and recipient of the inaugural APAC Awesome Admin award. He is also a Trailhead learning addict, having earned over 370 badges. In addition, he is honored to be an Einstein Analytics Champion, and a Salesforce Partner Solution Engineer.

    He is a prolific writer and speaker, having spoken over 4,000 times in ten countries and 43 states of the USA. He is also a passionate advocate for mental health and wellness.

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Creating Actionable Insights Using Tableau CRM
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