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This video course introduces you to the Blender game engine. You'll learn about game asset modeling, game development theory, and how to use them to create a prototype game from scratch and then publish it online. You start off by learning the fundamental differences between the game engine and the standard rendering logic behind game decisions, physics, and optimizing models to have a good understanding of what a game engine is and how interactions work to make sure models run well in real time. Then you'll acquire a basic understanding of how game assets are created, including finding free suitable assets online, creating your own texture-painted models, and using the cycles render engine to bake realistic games. Next, you'll explore the basic workflow for creating a game from scratch, including planning, creating a basic environment, adding game assets, and finally giving your player movement and animations by understanding how to set up a basic game environment.

Building on this. we look at adding extra utility to the game—including special effects such as dust—and finish making a mini game by getting it ready for publication. Finally we go through optimizing and preparing your game for exporting so it can be played on any other computer and go through the basic process of publishing it to the online market. By the end of this video course you will have an extensive knowledge of how the game engine works and how to use blender as a modeling/texturing tool to create characters and models for other game engines.

Style and Approach

This course will help you create amazing projects with Blender to explore its new features and make use of its powerful tools to produce professional-quality 3D characters and environments.

Publication date:
November 2017
3 hours 29 minutes

About the Author

  • Tim Crellin

    Tim Crellin is a distinguished 3D generalist with over 5 years' experience working with 3D software for game development, animation, and 3D modeling. Tim runs the thatimst3r.com website and the Thatimst3r YouTube channel, which provide more than 200 published video tutorials to the public. Additionally, he has created multiple add-ons, assets, and other resources for the online community, including seven completed games. He is very passionate about teaching others new skills and the concept of open source to make creativity available to everyone!

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Bought the wrong video and Lost the Grace period. But they chaged It anyway. Very nice of packt.
Thanks for 5 USD price and the good video contents
I'm very pleased with that superb video tutorial created by Tim Crellin. That tutorial is very easy to learn even for someone like me whose mother language is not English. The process to create a video game with Blender is detailed in depth. I warmly recommend that tutorial.
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