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In this project-based course, you will learn to make a 3D photo-realistic house right from a blank template with AutoCAD's updated rendering features.

You will learn

• Make a 3D model of a two-bedroom house

• Add 3D furnishings such as sofas, chairs, beds, and more

• Perform 3D photorealistic rendering using the latest rendering engine from AutoCAD

• Make an animated walk-through video from your 3D model

• Plot 2D plans with the proper scale and paper size

So, it must be obvious that you will learn about lots of AutoCAD 3D tools and commands by using these projects. By the end of this course, you will have your own 3D photo-realistic house with its 2D plans.

All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at - https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Create-photorealistic-house-from-scratch-to-end-in-AutoCAD

Publication date:
September 2019
2 hours 45 minutes

About the Author

  • Jaiprakash Pandey

    Jaiprakash Pandey is a certified Autodesk AutoCAD professional and a member of the Autodesk Expert Elite community. He has worked in the design, manufacturing, and training industries and primarily delivers training to corporate clients. He has extensive experience in delivering CAD training to clients from Fortune 500 companies, design consulting firms, government organizations, and the military. Jaiprakash lives in India and has also created online courses and CAD training material for colleges and online portals. His articles have appeared in many CADand engineering-related publications.

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