Computer Vision Theory and Projects in Python for Beginners [Video]

By AI Sciences
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About this video

The high-quality content of the Mastering Computer Vision from the Absolute Beginning Using Python course presents you with a great opportunity to learn and become an expert. You will learn the core concepts of the CV field. This course will also help you understand the digital imaging process and identify the key application areas of CV. The course is easy to understand, descriptive, comprehensive, practical with live coding, and rich with state-of-the-art and updated knowledge of this field.

Although this course is a compilation of all the basic concepts of CV, you are encouraged to step up and experience more than what you learn. Your understanding of every concept is tested at the end of each section. The homework assignments/tasks/activities/quizzes along with solutions will assess your learning. Several of these activities are focused on coding so that you are ready to run with implementations.

The two hands-on projects in the last section—Change Detection in CCTV Cameras (Real-Time) and Smart DVRs (Real-Time)—make up the most important learning element of this course. They will help you sharpen your practical skills. Successful completion of these two projects will help you enrich your portfolio and kick-start your career in the CV field.

By the end of the course, you will have a strong understanding of Computer Vision concepts and will be ready to apply them in your future projects.

Code bundles are available here:

Publication date:
September 2021
26 hours 49 minutes

About the Author
  • AI Sciences

    AI Sciences is a group of experts, PhDs, and practitioners of AI, ML, computer science, and statistics. Some of the experts work in big companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, KPMG, BCG, and IBM.

    They have produced a series of courses mainly dedicated to beginners and newcomers on the techniques and methods of machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and data science.

    Initially, their objective was to help only those who wish to understand these techniques more easily and to be able to start without too much theory. Today, they also publish more complete courses for a wider audience. Their courses have had phenomenal success and have helped more than 100,000 students master AI and data science.

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Computer Vision Theory and Projects in Python for Beginners [Video]
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