CompTIA Server+ Certification Guide

By Ron Price
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    Section 1: System Architecture
About this book

CompTIA Server+ Certification is one of the top 5 IT certifications that is vendor neutral.System administrators opt for CompTIA server+ Certification to gain advanced knowledge of concepts including troubleshooting and networking.

This book will initially start with the configuration of a basic network server and the configuration for each of its myriad roles. The next set of chapters will provide an overview of the responsibilities and tasks performed by a system administrator to manage and maintain a network server. Moving ahead, you will learn the basic security technologies, methods, and procedures that can be applied to a server and its network. Next, you will cover the troubleshooting procedures and methods in general, and specifically for hardware, software, networks, storage devices, and security applications. Toward the end of this book, we will cover a number of troubleshooting and security mitigation concepts for running admin servers with ease. This guide will be augmented by test questions and mock papers that will help you obtain the necessary certification.

By the end of this book, you will be in a position to clear Server+ Certification with ease.

Publication date:
February 2019


Section 1: System Architecture

This part of the book covers the configuration of a basic network server and the configuration appropriate to each of its myriad roles. The chapters in this part discuss hardware, operating systems, data storage, network addressing, and cabling.

The following chapters are included in this section:

About the Author
  • Ron Price

    Ron Price (Server+, A+, Network+, Security+, CCNA, MBA, AAGG) began his experience in computing as a programmer on a mainframe operating system project. He has experience in system design, database systems, operational administration and senior management. In addition to his writing, Ron is an instructor of information systems at Spokane Falls Community College.

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CompTIA Server+ Certification Guide
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