Complete Vue.js 3 (Inc. Composition API, Vue Router, Vuex) [Video]

By Lachlan Miller
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  1. Course Introduction

About this video

This course is for developers who want to move fast. We cover the traditional way of building Vue apps-the Options API-as well as the new Composition API and even see how you can mix and match them together.

There are 8 modules in this course; 4 introduce fundamental skills (Options API, Composition API, Vuex, and Vue Router). The remaining four modules are projects so that you can see how to apply the fundamental skills in real apps.

After learning both Options and Composition API, we will see how to use them both with Vuex and Vue Router and talk about the different use-cases and trade-offs to consider.

Finally, as we progress through, our focus starts to shift from not only how to build apps with Vue but also to thinking about how we architect things, how components should communicate, where data should be saved (also known as state management), and how it flows through the app.

After covering Vue, we will look at Vuex, Vue’s state management solution, and Vue Router, for front-end routing. The course culminates with a capstone project, using the three core Vue libraries (Vue, Vuex, Vue Router) to build an application.

By the end of this course, you will gain a solid foundation in coding with Vue.js and apply these skills in your future projects.

All code files and resources are available here:

Publication date:
October 2021
5 hours 45 minutes

About the Author

  • Lachlan Miller

    Lachlan Miller is a full-stack software developer, passionate about open-source, test-driven development and mentoring. He has been contributing to the Vue.js open-source community since 2016 and is the maintainer of Vue Test Utils, the official testing library for Vue.js.

    Lachlan has worked with small and large teams, as both a full stack developer as well as a mentor, providing training and guidance on designing greenfield applications, as well as seamlessly and safely transitions existing applications into new, highly dynamic modern web apps.

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Complete Vue.js 3 (Inc. Composition API, Vue Router, Vuex) [Video]
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