Cloud Native with Kubernetes

By Alexander Raul
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  1. Section 1: Setting Up Kubernetes

About this book

Kubernetes is a modern cloud native container orchestration tool and one of the most popular open source projects worldwide. In addition to the technology being powerful and highly flexible, Kubernetes engineers are in high demand across the industry.

This book is a comprehensive guide to deploying, securing, and operating modern cloud native applications on Kubernetes. From the fundamentals to Kubernetes best practices, the book covers essential aspects of configuring applications. You’ll even explore real-world techniques for running clusters in production, tips for setting up observability for cluster resources, and valuable troubleshooting techniques. Finally, you’ll learn how to extend and customize Kubernetes, as well as gaining tips for deploying service meshes, serverless tooling, and more on your cluster.

By the end of this Kubernetes book, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to confidently run and extend modern applications on Kubernetes.

Publication date:
January 2021


Section 1: Setting Up Kubernetes

In this section, you'll learn what Kubernetes is for, how it is architected, and the basics of communicating with, and creating, a simple cluster, as well as how to run a basic workload.

This part of the book comprises the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Communicating with Kubernetes
  • Chapter 2, Setting Up Your Kubernetes Cluster
  • Chapter 3, Running Application Containers on Kubernetes

About the Author

  • Alexander Raul

    Alexander Raul is CEO of Rackner, an innovative consultancy that builds, runs, and secures Kubernetes and the cloud for clients ranging from highly funded start-ups to Fortune and Global 500 enterprises. With Rackner, he has personally built and managed large Kubernetes-based platforms and implemented end-to-end DevSecOps for incredible organizations. Though his background and education are technical (he received an aerospace degree from the University of Maryland), he is well versed in the business and strategic arguments for the cloud and Kubernetes – as well as the issues around the adoption of these technologies. Alexander lives in Washington, D.C. – and when he isn't working with clients, he's mountaineering, skiing, or running.

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Cloud Native with Kubernetes
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