Cloud-Native Applications in Java

By Ajay Mahajan , Munish Kumar Gupta , Shyam Sundar S and 1 more
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  1. Introduction to Cloud-Native

About this video

Businesses today are rapidly evolving and cloud-native applications are now needed more than ever before. To build these types of applications, you must be able to determine the right environment, tools, and resources.

This course is designed to help you get to grips with all the concepts and techniques you need to build secure, robust, and scalable applications for cloud-based deployment. The course begins by explaining the driving factors behind cloud adoption and how cloud deployment is different from regular application deployment. You’ll learn about design patterns specific to apps running in the cloud, and discover how you can build a microservice in Java Spring using REST APIs. Next, you’ll focus on how to build, test, and deploy applications with maximum automation to reduce the deployment cycle time. A dedicated section will then guide you through configuring the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure platforms and working with their APIs to deploy your apps. Toward later chapters, you’ll understand how to write efficient code by exploring API design concerns and their best practices. Finally, you’ll learn to migrate an existing monolithic app to a distributed cloud-native app.

By the end of this course, you’ll have learned how to confidently build and monitor a cloud-native application that is highly available and fault tolerant.

Publication date:
September 2019
14 hours 25 minutes


Course Overview


Installation and Setup


Lesson Overview


What is Cloud-Native?


Cloud-Native and Microservices


The 12-Factor App


Microservice adoption



About the Authors

  • Ajay Mahajan

    Ajay Mahajan is a distinguished member of technical staff (DMTS) at Wipro Technologies and currently is in the role of chief technologist of the retail vertical. In his current role, he helps customers adopt cloud-native and digital architecture for next-generation retail applications. He worked with retail and banking clients in Europe and the USA on large-scale mission-critical systems. He has seen the evolution of enterprise Java from the Netscape Application Server to servlets/JSP, JEE, Spring, and now the cloud and microservices during the course of 19 years of working on Java platform.

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  • Munish Kumar Gupta

    Munish Kumar Gupta is a lead system architect with Visa. Based in Bangalore, India, his day-to-day work involves solution architectures for applications with stringent non-functional requirements, application performance engineering, managing application infrastructure, and exploring the readiness of cutting-edge, open-source technologies for enterprise adoption. He is the author of Akka Essentials. He is very passionate about software programming and craftsmanship. He blogs about technology trends, application performance engineering, and Akka.

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  • Shyam Sundar S

    Shyam Sundar is a senior architect with Wipro Technologies based in Bangalore. He is part of the Emerging Technologies Architecture group within Wipro. He is responsible for helping teams adopt new and emerging technologies in their projects. He focuses primarily on the client-side and cloud technologies. He is a lifelong learner who cares deeply about software craftsmanship. He is constantly experimenting with new tools and technologies to improve the development experience.

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  • Anirudh Balasubramanian

    Anirudh has multiple years of experience developing in languages such a Python, HTML, and of course Java. Over the years he has implemented the ideas ranging from the basics to more complex paradigms, and have acquired a bounty of knowledge that he loves to share. He spends multiple months preparing his courses and enjoys teaching those new to the Computer Science field as well as those who are more experienced. He has been teaching for a couple of years now, and it's his primary passion. Hopefully, you enjoy his courses as much as he enjoyed making them!

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