Chef: Powerful Infrastructure Automation

4.5 (2 reviews total)
By John Ewart , Matthias Marschall , Earl Waud
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About this book

Chef is a configuration management tool that turns IT infrastructure into code. Chef provides tools to manage systems at scale. This learning path takes you on a comprehensive tour of Chef's functionality, ranging from its core features to advanced development. You will be brought up to speed with what's new in Chef and how to set up your own Chef infrastructure for individuals, or small or large teams. You will learn to use the basic Chef command-line tools. We will also take you through the core concepts of managing users, applications, and your entire cloud infrastructure. You will learn the techniques of the pros by walking you through a host of step-by-step guides to solve real-world infrastructure automation challenges.You will learn to automate and document every aspect of your network, from the hardware to software, middleware, and all your containers. You will become familiar with the Chef'sProvisioning tool. By the end of this course, you will be confident in how to manage your infrastructure, scale using the cloud, and extend the built-in functionality of Chef itself.The books used in this Learning Path are:

1) Chef Essentials
2)Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook – Second Edition
3)Mastering Chef Provisioning

Publication date:
May 2017

About the Authors

  • John Ewart

    John Ewart is a system architect, software developer, and lecturer. He has designed and taught courses at a variety of institutions, including the University of California, The California State University, and local community colleges. These courses cover a wide range of computer science topics, including Java, data structures and algorithms, operating systems fundamentals, Unix and Linux system administration, and web application development. In addition to working and teaching, he maintains and contributes to a number of open source projects. He currently resides in Redmond, Washington, with his wife, Mary, and their two children.

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  • Matthias Marschall

    Matthias Marschall is a Software Engineer "made in Germany". His four children make sure that he feels comfortable in lively environments, and stays in control of chaotic situations. A lean and agile engineering lead, he's passionate about continuous delivery, infrastructure automation, and all things DevOps.

    In recent years, Matthias has helped build several web-based businesses, first with Java and then with Ruby on Rails. He quickly grew into system administration, writing his own configuration management tool before migrating his whole infrastructure to Chef in its early days.

    In 2008, he started a blog ( together with Dan Ackerson. There, they have shared their ideas about DevOps since the early days of the continually emerging movement. You can find him on Twitter as @mmarschall.

    Matthias holds a Master's degree in Computer Science (Dipl.-Inf. (FH)) and teaches courses on Agile Software Development at the University of Augsburg.

    When not writing or coding, Matthias enjoys drawing cartoons and playing Go. He lives near Munich, Germany.

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  • Earl Waud

    Earl Waud is a virtualization development professional with more than 20 year's experience developing customer-facing, enterprise-grade software for VM, and works with container provisioning, management, and automation.

    Earl has a proven track record of delivering on-time solutions that significantly impact business results; solutions that align engineering strategies with organizational vision.

    Recently, Earl has been creating AWS-based container solutions for enterprises using Docker, Kubernetes, Artifactory, Xray, and Twistlock.

    Currently, Earl is a senior software engineer with Intuit Inc. Other books by Earl include Mastering Chef Provisioning and Chef: Powerful Infrastructure Automation. Earl can be found online at SanDiegoEarl (dot) com.

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Latest Reviews

(2 reviews total)
I really like the task oriented approach and consistent build-up of every chapter.
Testi completi e pienamente fruibili
Chef: Powerful Infrastructure Automation
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