C++ Templates Up and Running

By Vivek Bhadra
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About this book

Templates are powerful tools that enable C++ developers to write compact, clean, and efficient code. However, C++ templates may be intimidating for beginners or intermediate-level programmers as they are syntactically and conceptually complex. The compiler's handling of templates also differs from that of other programming constructs. Often, C++ books touch upon templates too briefly, without explaining essential aspects, or focus too heavily on the semantics in a way that can make it easy to get lost due to information overload.

C++ Templates Up and Running takes a balanced approach by breaking down the concepts into small, easy-to-understand topics. This C++ book systematically discusses each topic by using a simple example and expands the example to develop a comprehensive solution. As you get to grips with the basics, you will be able to try the example code while working through the chapters. Throughout the book, you'll find compilation instructions, sample outputs, and explanations for each program. Finally, each chapter is followed by a set of self-assessment questions that will help you to evaluate your understanding.

By the end of this C++ programming book, you'll have gained a sound knowledge of C++ templates and be able to confidently apply your template skills in real-life projects.

Publication date:
April 2022

About the Author

  • Vivek Bhadra

    Vivek Bhadra is an embedded systems consultant providing embedded software solutions to world-leading companies across the world. He has been designing and developing high-quality system software over the last two decades in C, C++, and Python. Other areas of expertise include Linux Device Driver development, development of middleware, high-performance application in various business domains. He has provided end-to-end software solutions and services to eminent clients like ST-Microelectronics, Dilithium Networks, Itaas, BSkyB, Alcatel Lucent, Cisco, Samsung, Imagination Technologies (Sondrel), Qualcomm, Ideal Networks, Siemens, Raymarine Ltd., and SONY.

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C++ Templates Up and Running
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