Building Industrial Digital Twins

By Shyam Varan Nath , Pieter van Schalkwyk
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About this book

Digital twin technology enables organizations to create digital representations of physical entities such as assets, systems, and processes throughout their lifecycle. It improves asset performance, utilization, and safe operations and reduces manufacturing, operational, and maintenance costs.

The book begins by introducing you to the concept of digital twins and sets you on a path to develop a digital twin strategy for positively influencing business outcomes in your organization. You'll understand how digital twins relate to physical assets, processes, and technology and learn about the prerequisite conditions for the right platform, scale, and use case of your digital twins. You'll then get hands-on with Microsoft's Azure Digital Twin platform for your digital twin development and deployment. The book equips you with the knowledge to evaluate enterprise and specialty platforms, including the cloud and industrial IoT required to set up your digital twin prototype. Once you've built your prototype, you'll be able to test and validate it relative to the intended purpose of the twin through pilot deployment, full deployment, and value tracking techniques.

By the end of this book, you'll have developed the skills to build and deploy your digital twin prototype, or minimum viable twin, to demonstrate, assess, and monitor your proxy at specific stages in the asset life cycle.

Publication date:
October 2021

About the Authors

  • Shyam Varan Nath

    Shyam is an Enterprise Cloud Architect at Oracle. He is the author of the book on IIoT titled 'Architecting the Industrial Internet.' His expertise involves Industrial IoT, Cloud Computing, AI/ML, and Blockchain. He has worked on driving Digital Transformation at several large companies. Shyam is part of the Program Committee of IoTSWC.

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  • Pieter van Schalkwyk

    Pieter is a thought leader, author, and speaker on Event Intelligence and help organizations find and exploit key business moments that increase revenue while reducing unpredictable operational outcomes that add cost, compliance risk, and operational inefficiencies by Sensing key business events, deciding if an action is needed; and enabling rapid response in a predictable manner. Pieter is an experienced Digital Transformation strategist with a specific focus on Industrial IoT for asset-intensive industries. Entrepreneur, team builder, and aspiring triathlete.

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