Building Data Driven Applications with Danfo.js

By Rising Odegua , Stephen Ayodele Oni
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About this book

Most data scientists use Python and pandas for machine learning thanks to the convenience and performance that these libraries provide. However, app developers have always wanted ML to be possible in the browser as well. This book focuses on how Danfo.js brings data processing, ML, and AI tools to JavaScript developers and how you can make the most of this library to develop data-driven apps.

The book starts with an introduction to JavaScript concepts and modern JavaScript. You’ll then cover data analysis and analysis with Danfo.js and Dnotebook, which is an interactive computing environment for JavaScript. Next, the book covers how to load different types of datasets, analyze them by performing operations such as handling missing values, combining datasets, and string manipulations. You’ll also focus on data plotting, visualization, data aggregation, and group operations by combining Danfo.js with libraries like D3.js, Vega, and Plotly. Later, you’ll create a no-code data analysis and handling system with the help of Dimple.js. Finally, you’ll add data manipulation functionality to a database system and build a recommendation system with Danfo.js and TensorFlow.js.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to build and embed data analytics, visualization, and ML capabilities into any JavaScript app in server-side Node.js or the browser.

Publication date:
August 2021

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