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This an engaging course, that makes your learning experience fun and exciting while you are acquiring precious skills that will prepare you to become one of the most sought after professionals in the web development market. First of all, you are going to understand the structure of a web page. Then you will setup your free web hosting which comes as a bonus with this course. After that, you will move to HTML5 and learn the components that build up the skeleton of a web page; you will cover various concepts to a detailed level: paragraph, links, forms, iframes, and so on. Then, you will move to CSS3 and learn how to add professional decoration and styling to your websites, you will also be introduced to advanced skills like CSS3 transitions and animations.

Style and Approach

This course is the golden introduction to web development, where you will learn HTML5 and CSS3 using a practical approach: learning by doing.

Publication date:
May 2018
5 hours 50 minutes




Structure of a website


Your first website


Get your free web hosting


Set up FireFTP










Inline vs Block Elements


Iframes - Activity: Embed a nice relaxing YouTube video to your website


Unordered Lists


Ordered Lists


Description Lists






Forms (1) - Activity: Create a simple Login Form


Forms (2) - Activity: Create a Marketplace Checkout Form


Text Decoration



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    Issam is the founder and director of Development Island based in Bedford, United Kingdom, specialising in providing the best technology courses on the internet. He has two Masters degrees in Engineering and Management from Cranfield University (UK) and Ecole Centrale, Paris. He has worked for many world-class companies in the past including Amadeus, Ford, and Airbus in different roles, including web development, consulting, simulation and teaching.He has a solid and successful track record of teaching mathematics and web development. The Complete Web Developer Course is the most comprehensive web development course on the market. It encompasses everything you need to start a brilliant career in web development. You will learn over 10 web/mobile technologies from scratch. You will also build a portfolio of 15 real professional websites, games and mobile apps, and get ready to take the best web development jobs in the market.

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Build Real World Websites from Scratch using HTML5 and CSS3 [Video]
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