Blazor - The Complete Guide (WASM and Server .NET Core 5) [Video]

By Bhrugen Patel
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  1. Blazor Basics

About this video

Blazor is an exciting new part of .NET Core (.NET 5) designed to build rich web user interfaces in C#. This course will help developers transition from building basic sample apps to implementing more real-world concepts, design patterns, and features.

This course will provide you with a complete real-world scenario with Blazor, which will make you face many challenges and solve those issues as we proceed with the course.

This course covers everything there is to Blazor, right from Blazor Server to Blazor WASM applications that consume .NET 5 API.

By the end of the course, you will become an expert and will be able to build your own website using Blazor Server, Blazor WASM, and .NET 5(.NET Core) API and deploy to Azure.

We will be using the latest .NET 5 for this course along with Entity Framework Core and Stripe for payment processing.

All the resources and supportive files for this course are available at

Publication date:
April 2021
15 hours 37 minutes

About the Author

  • Bhrugen Patel

    Bhrugen Patel is a passionate and creative software engineer with a strong focus on simplicity and thorough details. He has been programming since high school and was involved with multiple web and desktop projects using .NET. He has a master's degree in computer science and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. He also has many years of experience with .NET C# and .NET MVC. He enjoys teaching alongside his full-time job.

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