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When it comes to offensive security, your ability to create powerful tools on the fly is indispensable. Python is fast becoming the programming language of choice for hackers, reverse engineers, and software testers because it's easy to write quickly, and it has the low-level support and libraries that make hackers happy.
In this course, you’ll explore the darker side of Python’s capabilities—writing network sniffers, manipulating packets, infecting virtual machines, creating stealthy trojans, and more. This course starts from scratch and provides the latest tools and techniques available for Pentesting using Python scripts. We’ll show you the concepts and how to implement hacking tools and techniques such as debuggers, fuzzers, and emulators. You’ll detect sandboxing and automate com-mon malware tasks, such as keylogging and screenshotting.
You’ll be able to escalate Windows privileges with creative process control, use offensive memory forensics tricks to retrieve password hashes, and inject shellcode into a virtual machine. Later, you’ll learn to extend the popular Burp Suite web-hacking tool, abuse Windows COM automation to perform a man-in-the browser attack, and exfiltrate data from a network most sneakily.
After completing this course, you’ll understand how to use Python scripts for penetration testing.

Codes are available here: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Black-Hat-Python-for-Pentesters-Hackers

Style and Approach

The course explores the key topics incisively with the combined use of theory and practical demonstrations to help the viewer get a broad understanding of the topic

Publication date:
November 2018
2 hours 51 minutes

About the Author

  • Sunil Gupta

    Sunil Gupta is an experienced computer programmer and cybersecurity expert and consults in Information Technology with a focus on cybersecurity. He is an invited speaker for, and a member of, many key organizations. Sunil has helped many organizations around the Globe, including Barclays Bank; Aviation College Qatar (QATAR); Ethiopian Airlines; Telecom Authority Tanzania; NCB Bank (Saudi Arabia); Accenture (India); Afghan Wireless (Afghanistan); and many more. Currently, he teaches online over 60,000 students in more than 170 countries and some of his best work has been published by major publishing houses. Some of his best courses include: End-to-End Penetration Testing with Kali Linux and Threat and Vulnerability Assessment for Enterprises. His cybersecurity certifications include SSCP Certification (Systems Security Certified Practitioner), Bug Bounty Program Certification, and more. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunilguptaethicalhacker/

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