Becoming a Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Solution Architect

By Brent Dawson
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About this book

In recent times we have observed that a ton of ERP projects have failed. Whether it’s due to bad planning, incorrect resource scoping or just a lack of knowledge on how ERP systems work, there have always been one or multiple issues that throw an entire project into chaos. Organizations that implement these large, complex ERP systems, rely on experts to provide them with an error-free and efficient project that when delivered, would be free from bugs and issues and ultimately would make the business more efficient and profitable.

Geared towards Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management solutions architects, this book will discuss some of the more challenging areas that can lead to project failure or cost/time overruns. It will present a discussion of the major causes that lead to project failure, and some observations from the field that can be used as a guide to help maneuver past those issues and have a successful outcome.

By the end of the book, the reader will be able to identify potential issues that can have a negative impact on the delivery of the project during the requirements gathering phases of the project and make design decisions that will help prevent any potential negative impact on the design and functionality of the system at go-live.

Publication date:
April 2023

About the Author

  • Brent Dawson

    Brent Dawson is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with over 30+ years of industry, teaching and classroom experience. Brent focuses mostly on the Azure platform, Power Platform and Finance and Supply Chain Management Solution Architecture. He has experience in the IT industry in many different facets of IT including end-support, systems and security architecture. Originally from Canada, Brent is currently working for DXC Technology based out of London, UK. He has achieved certifications and accreditations in the IT industry, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management Solution Architect, Microsoft Catalyst, CISSP and TOGAF. This extensive knowledge sets him apart in industries such as transportation and manufacturing

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Becoming a Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Solution Architect
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