AWS Certified Security – Specialty Exam Guide

By Stuart Scott
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  1. Section 1: The Exam and Preparation

About this book

AWS Certified Security – Specialty is a certification exam to validate your expertise in advanced cloud security. With an ever-increasing demand for AWS security skills in the cloud market, this certification can help you advance in your career. This book helps you prepare for the exam and gain certification by guiding you through building complex security solutions.

From understanding the AWS shared responsibility model and identity and access management to implementing access management best practices, you'll gradually build on your skills. The book will also delve into securing instances and the principles of securing VPC infrastructure. Covering security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks such as the DDoS attack, you'll discover how to mitigate these at different layers. You'll then cover compliance and learn how to use AWS to audit and govern infrastructure, as well as to focus on monitoring your environment by implementing logging mechanisms and tracking data. Later, you'll explore how to implement data encryption as you get hands-on with securing a live environment. Finally, you'll discover security best practices that will assist you in making critical decisions relating to cost, security,and deployment complexity.

By the end of this AWS security book, you'll have the skills to pass the exam and design secure AWS solutions.

Publication date:
September 2020

Section 1: The Exam and Preparation

The primary objective of this section is to summarize the exam topics you will come across, along with their weighted percentages, so that you are aware of the critical points of focus.

This section comprises the following chapter:

  • Chapter 1, AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam Coverage

About the Author

  • Stuart Scott

    With over two decades in the IT industry, Stuart Scott has an extensive background covering a range of technologies, but his passion is centered around Amazon Web Services (AWS). Stuart is the AWS content and security lead at Cloud Academy where he has created over 80 courses teaching over 100,000 students. His content focuses on cloud security and compliance, and how to implement and configure AWS services to protect, monitor, and secure customer data in AWS. Stuart has written many cloud security blogs and regularly hosts webinars with AWS and leading AWS partners. He is a certified expert within the Experts-Exchange community. In January 2016 he was awarded ‘Expert of the Year’ for his sharing of knowledge on cloud services with the community.

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