AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification and Beyond

By Rajesh Daswani , Dorian Richard
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About this book

Certifications are vital steps in the progression of the career of any developer, and the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification is no exception. It's also not easy; to give yourself the best chance of passing it, you should use every resource you can. But if you read this book, you won't need any other resources! AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification and Beyond not only sets you up for success in the exam; it will also lay the foundations for a career working with the world's most popular cloud infrastructure.

This in-depth guide covers everything you need to know to pass the AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam and allows you to test yourself as you go, with knowledge checks throughout the book. You'll also be able to prepare yourself with two mock exams at the end of the book so that you'll know exactly which topics to focus on, whether it's configuring Elastic Load Balancing for high availability, monitoring your applications with CloudWatch, or integrating authentication with Amazon Cognito (just some of the myriad topics covered in this book).

By the end of the book, you'll be ready to ace the exam, and your ability to develop and manage applications in AWS will have hit new heights, giving your career prospects a healthy nudge in the right direction.

Publication date:
August 2023

About the Authors

  • Rajesh Daswani

    Rajesh Daswani is a senior solutions architect, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) course content creator, and a corporate trainer with over 20 years of experience in core IT infrastructure services and cloud computing. He has delivered corporate training programs and online training for several clients across the UK, USA, and India, and published courses for Packt Publishing.

    Rajesh now delivers courses for the IaaS Academy, an IT training company delivering on-demand and classroom-based training in cloud computing technologies, including Microsoft and Amazon Web Services. In addition to delivering certification training programs, IaaS Academy also designs bespoke tailor-made training solutions for a wide range of organizations globally.

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  • Dorian Richard

    Dorian Richard started his career in cloud in 2019, firstly in Spain and then in France. He has worked with an array of customers who faced challenges in innovating cloud, from startups to enterprise customers to French tech unicorns. He enjoys solving business challenges by providing the right technical solution to customers which comes through a deep working backwards process to understand the business challenge that the customer is facing. He has successfully overcome technical challenges in his job ranging from DevOps strategies discussion, optimizing containers cluster, or even creating machine learning POC for customers who would like to experiment with such technology.

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AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification and Beyond
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