Augmented Reality for JavaScript Developers [Video]

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By Daniel Wise
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About this video

Augmented reality is the idea of mixing computer-generated media with someone’s view of the real world. AR.js provides a framework and set of utilities to develop augmented reality applications efficiently just using web technologies.

This course will show the learning ropes on how to produce interactive augmented reality experiences with nothing but a set of web technologies such as JavaScript and HTML. We'll start off with a basic introduction to Augmented reality experiences and an introduction to all the libraries and development tools that we are going to utilize in this video course. We'll begin by setting up our basic structure for our very first AR web application using the AR.js framework. We then move on to setting up our camera feed to localize our AR markers. After that, we'll deep dive into learning to overlay 3D content on top of our markers with three.js where we'll learn to apply realistic lighting and shadows to the 3D objects that we create using the different camera controls provided by Three.js to effortlessly navigate around your 3D scenes. After getting our 3D right we'll learn how to integrate both the 3D and our camera feed onto the screen. Towards the end of the video, we'll create a couple of real-world AR web application to better apply our gained knowledge.Finally, we get started into building Projects such as a 3D business card and AR data histogram.

By the time we are done with the course we would be able to create AR applications with A-Frame along with AR.js and with awe.js and also create Business cards and Data histograms.

Style and Approach

Practical and simplistic approach covering the basics with room for growth and step by step build your AR Apps or integrate the AR view to the existing App.

Publication date:
November 2017
4 hours 9 minutes

About the Author

  • Daniel Wise

    Daniel Wise has worked in various career paths both domestic and abroad, and since then he focused on the tech field. He began his journey learning programming on while he lived abroad in Busan, South Korea. His interest in tech began to grow after being accepted into the Flatiron School and returned to the USA to pursue this new career.

    He has gained experience in the tech field not just on the development side but on the business side as well. His experience and hard work running an indie game studio (known as Ultima Game Studios) paid off when their game demo was chosen to be exhibited at PAX East 2017. This experience in the gaming industry allowed him to utilize his talents in both development and marketing.

    Currently he is a busy freelancer, handling projects in Unity development and also writing technical lessons to share his knowledge online. He believes that it is his duty to help others learn about tech/coding while creating projects and learning new things himself. He also assesses promotional ideas and strategies for those looking to promote their businesses online.

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