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Postman is a powerful tool used to test web services and APIs. It allows you to create a request with the required HTTP method and parameters, submit the request, and inspect the results.

This course will use the Postman testing tool to teach you API testing. You will use Postman to find bugs and aid in efficient API development. Create requests and building simple workflows with Postman. Additionally, it will show you how to set up test suites in Postman that can be re-used for regression testing as a project grows.

By the end of this course, you will be able to write automated API tests and have a good grasp of how to test an API. You will know how to use Postman as you work with APIs in various capacities and you will have confidence in your ability to take part in creating high-quality APIs.

Style and Approach

We’ll discover the various aspects of APIs and how to think effectively about them from a quality viewpoint, then we’ll give you specific examples and challenges that will help you apply, learn, and fully understand the content. You’ll learn about APIs to actively immerse yourself in a learning experience that helps you take what you’ve learned and start to immediately benefit from it in your day-to-day work.

Publication date:
February 2019
2 hours 5 minutes

About the Author

  • Dave Westerveld

    Dave Westerveld is test developer with many years of testing experience. He has been involved in the testing of many different projects ranging from well-established products to helping with the early stages of major new initiatives. He excels at solving automation problems in a team environment and has been involved in traditional automation initiatives at various stages. Dave has also helped to improve product quality through the creative use of automation tools and by helping build out automation frameworks. He has a desire to see teams efficiently producing high-value software and is enthusiastic about understanding the way that automation tools can be used to help with this goal.

    Currently, Dave works as a test developer at D2L, owner of the world’s first integrated learning platform. In this role, he has had the opportunity to learn a lot about services-based architecture and how to test them in the real world. As an employee at an educational company, Dave has a passion for sharing what he has learned with others. He is also passionate about the importance of producing good quality software and so is excited to be able to author courses that allow him to share some of his testing knowledge. He blogs at offbeattesting.com.

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