Apache NiFi - A Complete Guide (Hortonworks DataFlow - HDF) [Video]

By Manoj Ganesan Thangaraj
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  1. Apache NiFi Introduction

About this video

Apache NiFi is a robust, open-source data ingestion and distribution framework—and more. It can propagate any data content from any source to any destination. NiFi is based on a different programming paradigm called Flow-Based Programming (FBP). We define Flow-Based Programming, but don't explain it. Instead, we tell you how NiFi works, and then you can connect it with our definition of Flow-Based Programming.

The field of big data is quite vast, and anyone who starts learning big data and its related technologies may find the experience very daunting. There are numerous big data technologies, and deciding where to begin can be overwhelming. However, there is a lot of scope for big data and its related technologies such as Apache NiFi, Spark, Flink, and more. So, start your big data journey today by learning about Apache NiFi.

All the necessary lab files are at


Publication date:
September 2019
2 hours 46 minutes

About the Author

  • Manoj Ganesan Thangaraj

    Manoj G T: Manoj is a Big Data Evangelist, a JavaScript Lover, a Web Developer and a Performance Freak. He is passionate about programming since he was 14 and he is always willing to learn new things and continue to seek to improve himself. His main objective is to provide high-quality course content to all his students in an easy and understanding way.

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Apache NiFi - A Complete Guide (Hortonworks DataFlow - HDF) [Video]
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