Angular 6 by Example - Third Edition

4.1 (9 reviews total)
By Chandermani Arora , Kevin Hennessy
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  1. Getting Started

About this book

Angular helps you build faster, efficient, and flexible cross-platform applications. Creating complex and rich web applications, with a lighter resource footprint, has never been easier or faster. Angular is now at release 6, with significant changes compared to previous versions.

In this third edition of Angular by Example, you’ll build three apps with varying degrees of complexity. The book starts with a simple “Guess the Number”game, which serves as a platform to launch you into the world of Angular. Next, you will learn to develop a popular “7-Minute Workout” app, covering the building blocks of Angular. The final app, “Personal Trainer” morphs the existing “7-Minute Workout” into a full-fledged personal workout builder and runner, covering advanced directive building, which is the most fundamental and powerful feature of Angular.In addition to this, you will learn about testability and the framework constructs Angular provides to effectively test your app. The book concludes by providing you with practical advice and useful tips that will come in handy as you build more apps with Angular.

Publication date:
June 2018

About the Authors

  • Chandermani Arora

    Chandermani Arora is a software craftsman, with love for technology and expertise on web stack. With years of experience, he has architected, designed, and developed various solutions for Microsoft platforms. He has been building apps on Angular 1 since its early days. Having a passion for the framework every project of his has an Angular footprint.

    He tries to support the platform in every possible way by writing blogs on various Angular topics or helping fellow developers on StackOverflow, where he is an active member on the Angular channel. He also authored the first edition of this book.

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  • Kevin Hennessy

    Kevin Hennessy is a Senior Software Engineer with Applied Information Sciences. He has 20 years' experience as a developer, team lead, and solutions architect, working on web-based projects, primarily using the Microsoft technology stack. Over the last several years, he has presented and written about single-page applications and JavaScript frameworks, including Knockout, Meteor, and Angular. He has spoken about Angular at the All Things Open Conference. 

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Latest Reviews

(9 reviews total)
very good book, very informative
It is impossible to read the book in epub format, because it is not displayed correctly in my ereader by the size of the letters, they look very large and I can not modify correctly the settings defined by the publisher. And in mobi format, it doesn't look right either. Although the size is the right one black strip scratches each I bought them to be able to read them anywhere with the benefits of these formats and I can only read them in pdf.
Un ottimo aiuto in campo sia professionale che personale.

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