Android UI Development with Jetpack Compose

By Thomas Künneth
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About this book

Jetpack Compose is Android’s new framework for building fast, beautiful, and reliable native user interfaces. It simplifies and significantly accelerates UI development on Android using the declarative approach. This book will help developers to get hands-on with Jetpack Compose and adopt a modern way of building Android applications. The book is not an introduction to Android development, but it will build on your knowledge of how Android apps are developed.

Complete with hands-on tutorials and projects, this easy-to-follow guide will get you up to speed with the fundamentals of Jetpack Compose such as state hoisting, unidirectional data flow, and composition over inheritance and help you build your own Android apps using Compose. You'll also cover concepts such as testing, animation, and interoperability with the existing Android UI toolkit.

By the end of the book, you'll be able to write your own Android apps using Jetpack Compose.

Publication date:
February 2022

About the Author

  • Thomas Künneth

    Thomas Künneth is a Google Developer Expert for Android and has been a speaker and panelist at multiple international conferences about Android. His first Android app, published in 2010, has more than 100,000 downloads. Currently, Thomas works as a principal consultant and head of mobile at MATHEMA GmbH and has experience as a software architect and Android developer. He has authored countless articles as well as one of the top-selling German Android books (currently in its sixth edition). He has also frequently contributed to various open source projects.

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Android UI Development with Jetpack Compose
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