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As an Android developer, you feel a strong need for a hassle-free CI environment; moreover, you need a cloneable environment, especially for your UI tests, which need to be run on an Android “device". This course will show you how to create a fully functional CI using container technology; it lists all the problems you'll encounter and provides you with the corresponding solutions and detailed explanations. Later it will tell you how to setup scalable Jenkins nodes which enables parallel building, leaving you with no rework and no headaches at all. What if you have different hardware—maybe Linux machines or Mac computers? It works everywhere. You want your CI fast, stable, and lightweight, and preferably a free solution? No problem, you’ll be able to achieve your dream CI with Docker and scale it to all your systems by the end of this course.

All the code files are available on GitHub at this link: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Android-Continuous-Integration-with-Docker-and-Jenkins

Style and Approach

This course follows a hands-on approach with interesting and illustrative examples and clear explanations to help you build and set up CI on your Android projects efficiently using Docker.

Publication date:
April 2019
3 hours 20 minutes

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  • Jing Li

    Jing Li is a diligent open source contributor and a full-stack software engineer with a strong sense of curiosity. He is also an engineering lead with over a decade experience in working in a multinational environment.

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