Alfresco 4 Enterprise Content Management Implementation [Video]

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By Alen Subat , Benjamin Chevallereau
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About this video

Alfresco is an open source Content Management System providing services and control over your content. Alfresco is made of a repository supported by a server that persists content, metadata, associations, and full text indexes. Out of the box applications provide standard solutions such as documents, records, and web content management.

This course will begin with a quick overview of the first steps required to learn some of the main procedures in administering and managing Alfresco. By learning these basic steps, you'll be able to configure and set up your production environment before moving on to more advanced steps in Alfresco customization.

As you proceed in the course, you'll learn how to schedule and automate most of the Alfresco actions, in order to manage the platform. You will also learn how to create your own actions and web scripts for achieving even greater control over Alfresco. In the second half of the course, you'll be able to integrate Alfresco with external applications and synchronize content in the cloud. In the last part of this course, you'll learn how Share is configured and built, and how to customize every single component in Share.

This video course is all about learning useful Alfresco tips and tricks. With the information that you will be provided with, you'll be able to truly extend and manage Alfresco for optimum use.

Style and Approach

This video course demonstrates the most essential concepts of Alfresco 4 with concise explanations and step-by-step instructions to help you optimize your business.

Publication date:
March 2015
1 Hour 40 minutes

About the Authors

  • Alen Subat

    Alen Subat is a developer, blogger, and a web enthusiast. He’s a specialist in Java and Alfresco development but also likes to create stuff in HTML5/CSS3. He currently works for a company specializing in Alfresco customization. He’s also a freelancer and founder of The Walking Race event. He mostly spends his time on the computer. He is a snowboarder, a diver, a professional gamer, a fantasy writer and, of course, the author of this video course.

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  • Benjamin Chevallereau

    Benjamin Chevallereau is a French software architect, based in London, who has been working on Alfresco projects for the last 8 years and Ephesoft projects for the last 3 years. He implemented solutions for small companies and global organizations in different domains such as transport, finance, and government.

    He has worked for different Alfresco-recognized partners in France, the UK, and USA, including Armedia LLC, Zaizi, Michelin / Wipro, and BlueXML. He is also one of the committers and PMC members of the Apache CMIS Chemistry project.

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