Agile Security Operations

By Hinne Hettema
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About this book

Agile security operations allow organizations to survive cybersecurity incidents, deliver key insights into the security posture of an organization, and operate security as an integral part of development and operations. It is, deep down, how security has always operated at its best.

Agile Security Operations will teach you how to implement and operate an agile security operations model in your organization. The book focuses on the culture, staffing, technology, strategy, and tactical aspects of security operations. You will learn how to establish and build out a team, or how to transform your existing team into one that can execute agile security operations. As you progress, you’ll be able to improve your understanding of some of the key concepts of security, align operations with the rest of the business, streamline your operations, learn how to report to senior levels in the organization, and acquire funding.

By the end of this agile book, you will be ready to start implementing agile security operations and using the book as a handy reference.

Publication date:
January 2022

About the Author

  • Hinne Hettema

    Hinne Hettema is a researcher and practitioner in cybersecurity operations, especially threat intelligence, incident response, security operations and malware research. He works in New Zealand in the area of security operations and the establishment of cybersecurity defensive capabilities in various organizations. He is associated with the University of Queensland, researching cybersecurity operations, security of operational technology and philosophy of cybersecurity. He studied theoretical chemistry and philosophy.

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Agile Security Operations
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