Agile Model-Based Systems Engineering Cookbook

By Bruce Powel Douglass
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About this book

Model-based systems engineering provides an integrated approach to creating verifiable models of engineering data, rather than relying on traditional and vague natural language descriptions that are difficult to verify. This enables you to work on accurate specifications and rapidly design reliable and effective products for the marketplace. Agile MBSE integrates the value proposition of agile methods in systems development, most notably, for managing constant change and uncertainty while continuously ensuring system correctness and meeting customers’ needs.

Written by Dr. Bruce Powel Douglass, a world-renowned expert in MBSE, this book will take you through important systems engineering workflows and show you how they can be performed effectively with an agile and model-based approach. You’ll start by covering the key concepts of agile methods for systems engineering. The book then takes you through initiating a project, defining stakeholder needs, defining and analyzing system requirements, designing system architecture, performing model-based engineering trade studies, and handing systems specifications off to downstream engineering.

By the end of this MBSE book, you’ll have learned how to implement critical systems engineering workflows and create verifiably correct systems engineering models.

Publication date:
March 2021

About the Author

  • Bruce Powel Douglass

    Dr. Bruce Powel Douglass, Ph.D. has deep and broad expertise as a result of over 40 years' experience designing safety-critical real-time systems in a variety of hard real-time environments. He is one of the authors of both the UML and SysML standards, and author to over 6000 book pages from a number of technical books including The Harmony aMBSE Deskbook, Agile Systems Engineering, Real-Time UML, Real-Time UML Workshop for Embedded Systems, Real-Time Design Patterns, Doing Hard Time, Real-Time Agility, and Design Patterns for Embedded Systems in C. Many presentations, papers, models, designs, and more can be found on his website. He is currently the Senior Principal Agile Systems Engineer at the MITRE Corporation.

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