Agile Masterclass: Agile for Project Management [Video]

By Monika Rawat
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About this video

Agile techniques are rapidly becoming the choice for software development where requirements are unpredictable or expected to change over time. This course will help you explore how working on an Agile project has benefits for your development team, your end-users, and your organization.

Kanban is a popular framework used to implement Agile and DevOps software development. It requires real-time communication of capacity and full transparency of work. Work items are represented visually on a Kanban board, allowing team members to see the state of every piece of work at any time.

In this course, you will gain a good understanding of the basics of Scrum before progressing to more advanced topics. You will learn about the Scrum team, various Scrum events and artifacts, and how these come together in a successful project. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of Scrum so you can use the right practices and tools for your project.

All resources and code files are placed here:

Publication date:
August 2021
4 hours 10 minutes

About the Author
  • Monika Rawat

    Monika Rawat has over four years of experience in the financial industry. She has worked with American Express as a product manager with an interest in product management and business strategy. She holds a software engineering and MBA degree.

    Monika has founded GenMan Solutions, which is a management and technology-based education company, which aims at providing in-demand and essential business-related courses for students and professionals, enabling them to accelerate their careers, transform into a leadership role, and internalize managerial thinking.

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Agile Masterclass: Agile for Project Management [Video]
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