Agile Machine Learning with DataRobot

By Bipin Chadha , Sylvester Juwe
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About this book

DataRobot enables data science teams to become more efficient and productive. This book helps you address machine learning (ML) challenges with DataRobot's enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) platform, enabling you to extract business value from data and quickly add value to your organization.

You'll begin by learning how to use DataRobot's features to perform data prep and cleansing tasks automatically. The book then covers best practices for building and deploying ML models, along with challenges faced while scaling them to handle complex business problems. Moving on, you'll perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) tasks to prepare your data to build ML models and ways to interpret results. You'll also discover how to analyze the model's predictions and turn them into actionable insights for business users. Next, you'll create model documentation for internal as well as compliance purposes and learn how the model gets deployed as an API. In addition, you'll find out how to operationalize and monitor the model's performance on an ongoing basis. Finally, you'll work with examples on time series forecasting, NLP, image processing, MLOps, and more using advanced DataRobot capabilities.

By the end of this machine learning book, you'll have learned to use DataRobot's features to scale ML model building by avoiding repetitive tasks.

Publication date:
November 2021

About the Authors

  • Bipin Chadha

    Bipin Chadha is a hands-on leader of data science teams who can find innovative solutions to complex problems. He creates systemic data-driven models that enable executives to understand how their business operates, analyze a broad range of scenarios and strategies, and understand the likely implications of decisions and events prior to implementing risky changes. His passion is building data-driven cultures, developing effective teams, and driving organizations to grow and succeed.

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  • Sylvester Juwe

    Sylvester Juwe is a result-oriented, versatile, and dynamic leader with over ten years of experience setting up, leading, and developing advanced analytics and insight teams. He operates at strategic levels, experienced in leveraging sophisticated data capabilities, influencing stakeholders, and creating a strong culture of governance and curiosity in solving complex business challenges.

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Agile Machine Learning with DataRobot
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