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Advanced Tools and Techniques Beyond Base R introduces a number of recently developed R packages and paradigms, in particular the concept of tidy data and the Tidyverse collection of packages, which are rapidly becoming indispensable to R data analysts. You will learn how to efficiently process and analyze data in ways not possible with base R and produce high-quality statistical graphics. The course will finish with a taste of how functional programming and meta-programming with R can simplify and speed up your data analysis code.

Style and Approach

The course will take you through the different paradigms of the R language to enable you to produce high-quality statistical graphics and increase your efficiency in data analysis code.

Publication date:
October 2017
2 hours 14 minutes

About the Author

  • Dr. David Wilkins

    Dr. David Wilkins has been writing R for over a decade. He is the author of a number of popular open-source R packages, two previous Packt Publishing courses on the R language, and over a dozen scientific publications involving R analyses. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Science and a PhD in molecular genetics.

    David has a particular passion for creating beautiful and informative statistical graphics, and enjoys teaching people to use R to find and express insights in their own datasets.

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Advanced Tools and Techniques Beyond Base R [Video]
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