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Swift is a secure, fast, and interactive programming language. It combines powerful type inference and pattern matching with a modern, lightweight syntax, allowing complex ideas to be expressed in a clear and concise manner. You can start using the new Swift compiler and migrate at your own pace, taking advantage of its new features.

This course will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of some of the most sophisticated elements of Swift development, including protocol extensions, error-handling, design patterns, and concurrency, and guide you on how to use and apply them in your own projects. You'll see how even the most challenging design patterns and programming techniques can be used to write cleaner code and build more performant iOS and OS X applications.

By the end of this course, you'll have got the hang of effective design patterns and techniques, which means you'll soon be writing better iOS and OS X applications with a new level of composure and control.

All the code files and related files are placed on GitHub at this link https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Advanced-iOS-Development-with-Swift-4.x

Style and Approach

This course walks you through some advanced features of the Swift programming language, using practical examples and explanations relevant to real-world projects.

You will learn the best practices when designing and implementing your future Swift applications.

Publication date:
March 2019
3 hours 13 minutes

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  • Jonathan Wilson

    Jonathan Wilson is a full-time iOS software developer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He acquired his love of code in university, where he also competed in international programming competitions. After leaving with a First Class Masters in CS, he worked in Fortune 500 companies and startups.

    He currently works for a New York company with an application that has a large codebase using modern design patterns. In his spare time, he makes his own apps to explore new techniques and programming styles.

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The topics were good on it’s own, but would like see some of them covered as the design pattern section, like here you have an app that is slow now applying qos here... and so on

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