Actionable Insights with Amazon QuickSight

By Emmanouil Samatas
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About this book

The adoption of cloud-native BI tools, like Amazon QuickSight, enables organizations to gather insights from data at scale. This book is a practical guide to performing simple-to-advanced tasks with Amazon QuickSight.

You’ll begin by learning QuickSight’s fundamental concepts and how to configure data sources. Next, you’ll be introduced to the main analysis-building functionality of QuickSight to develop visuals and dashboards. The book will also demonstrate how to develop and share interactive dashboards with parameters and on-screen controls. Advanced filtering options with URL actions will then be covered, before learning how to set up alerts and scheduled reports. Later, you’ll explore the Insights visual type in QuickSight using both existing insights and by building custom insights. Further chapters will show you how to add machine learning insights such as forecasting capabilities, analyzing time series data, adding narratives, and outlier detection to your dashboards. You’ll also explore patterns to automate operations and look closer into the API actions that allow us to control settings. Finally, you’ll learn advanced topics such as embedded dashboards and multitenancy.

By the end of this book, you’ll be well-versed with QuickSight’s BI and analytics functionalities that will help you create BI apps with ML capabilities.

Publication date:
November 2021

About the Author

  • Emmanouil Samatas

    Emmanouil Samatas is a Solutions Architect specializing in Big Data and Analytics. He has several years of experience developing and designing big data applications for various industries, including telecommunications, cybersecurity, healthcare, and public sector. He is an accredited AWS Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Analytics and he is certified with the AWS Big Data Specialty and the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certifications. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, socializing with friends, and taking care of his plants.

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Actionable Insights with Amazon QuickSight
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