Accelerating Server-Side Development with Fastify

By Manuel Spigolon , Maksim Sinik , Matteo Collina
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About this book

Fastify is a plugin-based web framework designed to be high performant. It fosters code reuse, thereby improving your time to market.

This book is a complete guide to server-side app development in Fastify, written by the core contributors of Fastify. The book starts from the core concepts, continuing with a real-world project, and even touching on more advanced topics to enable you to build highly maintainable and scalable backend applications. You’ll learn how to develop real-world RESTful applications from designing to deployment, including building highly reusable components.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to design, implement, deploy, and maintain an application written in Fastify and you’ll also have the confidence you need to develop plugins and APIs in Fastify to contribute back to the Fastify and open source communities.

Publication date:
March 2023

About the Authors
  • Manuel Spigolon

    Manuel Spigolon is a Senior Backend Developer at Near Form. He is one of core maintainers on the Fastiy team. Manuel has developed and maintained a complex API that serves more than 10 millions world wide.

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  • Maksim Sinik

    Maksim Sinik is a Principal Software Architect and core contributor to the Fastify team. He is an experienced Node.js developer with a specialization in backend scalability. He designed the architecture and led the development of a microservice-based SaaS warehouse management system. Maksim has built a large-scale website for eCommerce, powered by Fastify which is handling thousands of orders every day.

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  • Matteo Collina

    Matteo Collina is principal architect at nearForm. He holds a PhD from the University of Bologna with a thesis titled Application platforms for the Internet of Things. Matteo is the author and maintainer of more than 250 Node.js modules, totalling more than 50 million downloads per month. Some of his modules are the most performant, and he is an acknowledged Node.js performance expert. He has spoken at over 50 international conferences, including, Node.js Interactive, Node Summit, and QCon. He is also a member of the Node.js core technical committee.

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Accelerating Server-Side Development with Fastify
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