A Tinkerer's Guide to CNC Basics

By Samer Najia
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About this book

Until recently, Computer Numerical Control machines belonged to the realm of heavy industry, but as technology becomes cheaper and smaller, these machines can be used in home workshops. It’s not easy to get started, though, but luckily for you, you’ve picked up this book.

A Tinkerer’s Guide to CNC Basics contains everything you need to get set up at home with computer-controlled machining and fabrication. Sparing you the theory, this project-laden guide helps you learn by doing.

Once you’ve got grips with the principles of CNC and installed the 3018 Pro CNC machine, you’ll gradually move from simple projects such as basic engraving to more complex milling and machining techniques. You’ll even learn how to upgrade your machine to accomplish more sophisticated designs. The plethora of projects in this book will keep you busy and give you the practice you need to get started with your computerized workshop.

By the end of the book, your computerized home workshop will be one step closer to realization, and your machining skills will be taken to the next level.

Publication date:
February 2023

About the Author

  • Samer Najia

    Samer has been extremely interested in things that fly since he was six years old. An avid pilot, flight instructor, rocketeer and plastic modeler, he has been building things that fly or look like they might for as long as he can remember, including a full scale aircraft in the garage. Samer has a background in Mechanical Engineering and is a CNC and Laser hobbyist, but currently is working in IT – specifically software development. Samer resides in Alexandria, VA with his wife and two children and participates in his local maker space by teaching metal shaping techniques, rocketry and homebuilt aircraft construction.

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A Tinkerer's Guide to CNC Basics
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