Free PDF eBook: Learning Three.js - The JavaScript 3D Library for WebGL

Download your FREE copy of 'Learning Three.js'

Three.js makes creating 3D computer graphics on a web browser a piece of proverbial cake, and this practical tutorial makes it easier still. With over 400 pages of tips, tricks, tutorials, and best practices inside you can rest easy as you discover everything you need to know about this great library for free!

What You Will Learn

  • Create standard HTML skeleton and render loops for your Three.js projects
  • Learn how to use the different geometries that are provided by Three.js
  • Apply realistic lighting and shadows to the 3D objects you have created
  • Learn how the different types of materials in Three.js work and how they interact with your 3D objects and the rest of the environment
  • Use the different camera controls provided by Three.js to effortlessly navigate around your 3D scene
  • Work with a particle system to create snow, rain, and galaxy-like effects
  • Import and animate models from external formats such as OBJ, STL, Collada, and much more
  • Create and run animations using either morph targets or bones animations
  • Use advanced textures on materials to create realistic looking 3D objects using bump maps, normal maps, specular maps, and light maps
  • Change the output of Three.js rendered using one of its post processing options
  • Interact directly with WebGL by creating custom vertex and fragment shaders
  • Apply physics to your 3D objects using the Physijs JavaScript library
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