Free PDF eBook: Android NDK Beginner's Guide

With nearly 500 pages of tutorials showing you every aspect of Android NDK development this eBook is perfect for everyone who wants to become a true Android developer!

Discover the native side of Android and inject the power of C/C++ in your applications with this FREE 494 page eBook. From the basics of Native APIs to building every aspect of your apps you’ll see and learn everything you need to build your own Android apps - so why wait? Download it now!

  • Build your first Android native project from scratch
  • Communicate with Java through Java Native Interfaces
  • Learn the key design intricacies of creating a native OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics application
  • Handle input events and sensors to create different interaction types
  • Interface and optimize the existing code with RenderScript
  • Combine graphics, sound, input, sensors, and physics in your application
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