WSO2 Developer's Guide

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  • Configure WSO2 Enterprise Integrator server in a production environment
  • Create SOAP Proxies and REST APIs
  • Interact with WSO2 Message Broker
  • Write services using the new language: Ballerina
  • Schedule automatic tasks for the services you create
  • Manage log messages depending on the log level of the system
  • Integrate with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Yammer
  • Test SOAP Services using the Tryit feature and SoapUI tool
  • Work with Quality of Services

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator brings together the most powerful servers provided by the WSO2 company for your SOA infrastructure. As an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), WSO2 Enterprise Integrator provides greater flexibility and agility to meet growing enterprise demands, whereas, as a Data Services Server (DSS), it provides an easy-to-use platform for integrating data stores, creating composite views across different data sources, and hosting data services.

Using real-world scenarios, this book helps you build a solid foundation in developing enterprise applications with powerful data integration capabilities using the WSO2 servers.

The book gets you started by brushing up your knowledge about SOA architecture and how it can be implemented through WSO2. It will help build your expertise with the core concepts of ESB such as building proxies, sequences, endpoints, and how to work with these in WSO2.

Going further, you will also get well-acquainted with DSS data service concepts such as configuring data services, tasks, events, testing, and much more.

The book will also cover API management techniques. Along with ESB and DSS, you will also learn about business process servers, the rules server and other components that together provide the control and robustness your enterprise applications will need.

With practical use cases, the book covers typical daily scenarios you will come across while using these servers to give you hands-on experience.

  • Design, create, and publish services in the WSO2 technology
  • Integrate the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator with other components and servers
  • Log and test deployed services
Page Count 368
Course Length 11 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781787288317
Date Of Publication 28 Sep 2017


Fidel Prieto Estrada

Fidel Prieto Estrada is a fan of new technologies who has been working with SOA in several integration technologies for 8 years in various industries, which has given him deep integration knowledge and a broad vision for problem solving.

He holds a bachelor of computer science degree from the University of Seville as well as more than 10 certifications, including WSO2 ESB 4 Developer, Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Oracle Unified BPM Suite 11g Essentials, EXIN Secure Programming Foundations, and ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level. He also completed the WSO2 ESB for Developers advanced course.

I would like to thank my family for the support they have provided me, especially my late father. I can't thank Marina enough for her support and patience with me throughout the months it took it me to write this book.

Ramón Garrido Lázaro

Ramón Garrido Lázaro is an enthusiast of new technologies and has spent the lasts years understanding and working with WSO2 servers in different projects, companies, and countries. He holds a bachelor's degree in software engineering and two master's degrees focusing on TIC security and software development for computers and smartphones.

He has specialized in SOA environments with multiple certifications, some of them in WSO2 servers. Currently, he works as a WSO2 consultant and teaches WSO2 courses in Chakray Consulting, one of the biggest WSO2-partner specialist companies.

I would like to thank my parents, Mr. Ramón Garrido and Mrs. Pilar Lázaro, for their continuous encouragement and motivation throughout my life. This book is dedicated to them.