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Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Design and Implementation: Creating, Migrating, and Merging Networks

John Savill

A unique, scenario-based approach to selecting and implementing the best Active Directory design for your environment
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Book Details

ISBN 139781904811084
Paperback372 pages

About This Book

Understand the principles of Active Directory design

  • Create new networks or evolve existing Active Directory installations
  • Create the best Active Directory design for a broad range of business environments
  • Implement your Active Directory designs
  • Migrate and merge Active Directory structures

Who This Book Is For

This book is for Windows network administrators, analysts, or architects,  with a grasp of the basic operations of Active Directory, and are looking for a book that goes beyond rudimentary operations. However, all of the concepts are explained from the ground up, and the book can be read by network design and administration professionals with no prior Active Directory knowledge.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Importance of a Domain
In the Beginning
The Main Event—Active Directory
Chapter 2: The Small Accountancy Firm
What Have We Here?
The Big Design
The Other Services
The Final Server Picture
Chapter 3: Step-By-Step Migration
Preparing for the Upgrade
Performing the Upgrade
Chapter 4: The Regional Legal Firm
What Have We Here?
The New Infrastructure Design
Performing the Upgrade
Post Migration Tasks
Chapter 5: The Retail-Based Company
Post-Upgrade Tasks
Chapter 6: The International Financial Company
Task 1: Enable Authentication Between the Two Companies
Task 2: Rename and Move the Domestic Domain
Task 3: Improve Branch Office Resource Access
Additional Information

What You Will Learn

In Detail

A well thought-out Active Directory provides a solid foundation for other services which will lower support costs and allow companies to centrally manage their environment. You should look at the Active Directory as your first step in moving to a centrally managed, highly integrated IT environment that supports efficient and effective delivery of business capabilities. Once the appropriate technical infrastructure is in place, it is vital to leverage that infrastructure to create an enterprise-class application infrastructure.

If you are creating a new Active Directory network, or are migrating or merging existing installations, this is the book for you.

While the basics of the Active Directory are straightforward, to get the most from it requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of what can be accomplished. For any environment there are a number of core stages in the Active Directory implementation; the 3 Ds: discovery, design, and deployment. In this unique book, we take a broad range of environment types and work through these stages; suggesting an Active Directory design specific to that environment, and how to implement it; at each stage providing clear instructions so the decisions are clearly understood and the best-practice principles will be maintained throughout your system lifetime. There are many books on using, administering, or even deploying Active Directory, but this is the only book that exists to relate the crucial design aspects to your target environment, and show you to implement this design.

This book covers discovery, design and deployment stages of Active Directory implementation in the following scenarios:

  • A small, single location company with fairly basic needs and a basic Windows NT 4.0 domain
  • A larger company with multiple regional areas which are currently facilitated by multiple NT 4.0 domains
  • A retail-type business with very different drivers and requirements from that of a standard business, based on Windows 2000 Active Directory
  • Merging and restructuring the Active Directory infrastructure of two financial institutions



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