Ubuntu Server Cookbook

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  • Set up high performance, scalable, and fault-tolerant back ends with web and database servers
  • Facilitate team communication with a real-time chat service and collaboration tools
  • Quickly deploy your applications to their own containers and scale your infrastructure as and when needed
  • Find out how to set up your own cloud infrastructure for your internal use or rent it to the public
  • Ensure quick and easy access for your users while also securing your infrastructure from intruders
  • Set up a high performance private network with a personal VPN server and centralized authentication system
  • Swiftly start a content streaming service
  • Set up network storage for private data and source code and say good bye to costly and unreliable cloud services

Ubuntu is one of the most secure operating systems and defines the highest level of security as compared other operating system. Ubuntu server is a popular Linux distribution and the first choice when deploying a Linux server. It can be used with a $35 Raspberry Pi to top-notch, thousand-dollar-per-month cloud hardware. Built with lists that there are 4 million + websites built using Ubuntu. With its easy-to-use package management tools and availability of well-known packages, we can quickly set up our own services such as web servers and database servers using Ubuntu.

This book will help you develop the skills required to set up high performance and secure services with open source tools. Starting from user management and an in-depth look at networking, we then move on to cover the installation and management of web servers and database servers, as well as load balancing various services. You will quickly learn to set up your own cloud and minimize costs and efforts with application containers. Next, you will get to grips with setting up a secure real-time communication system. Finally, we’ll explore source code hosting and various collaboration tools. By the end of this book, you will be able to make the most of Ubuntu’s advanced functionalities.

  • Master the skills to setup secure and scalable web services with popular tools like Apache, Nginx, MySQL and HAProxy
  • Set up your own cloud with Open Stack and quickly deploy applications with Docker or LXD
  • Packed with clear, step-by-step recipes to let you protect you valuable data with your own chat servers, code hosting and collaboration tools.
Page Count 456
Course Length 13 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781785883064
Date Of Publication 29 Jun 2016


Uday Sawant

Uday Sawant has completed Master’s in Computer Applications from Mumbai University. He is skilled with more than four years of experience in software development and operations field. Before working as a software developer, he worked extensively with server hardware as a system administrator. He is an expert with the LAMP stack, JavaScript, and cloud infrastructure. Before starting as a software developer, he worked extensively with server hardware and has 2+ years’ experience as system administrator. Currently, he is working as Software Scientist in a Mumbai based start-up called Sweetcouch. His responsibilities include developing back-end services, setting up a real-time communication server, and automating various daily tasks. With an immense interest in Machine Learning, he likes to spend his spare time exploring this subject. His first book was Instant Building Multipage Forms with Yii published by Packt publishing