Troubleshooting Puppet

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  • Debug your Puppet infrastructure
  • Use APIs to ensure services are working properly
  • Fix catalog compilation issues
  • Solve problems using Hiera tool
  • Detect problems in your environment using PuppetDB tool
  • Learn ways to format code to aid in identifying errors
  • Troubleshoot errors in modules and templates

Puppet is a configuration management system written for system administrators to manage a large number of systems efficiently and help maintain order. Deploying Puppet becomes more complex as you increase the number of nodes in your environment. The Puppet tool is an intelligent solution that increases the automation footprint for the proactive management of server infrastructures. Puppet's simple programming language is usable on most operating systems and is portable on different deployment environments.

We begin by looking at the puppet.conf server configuration file, and talk about possible problems that can occur. What does puppet really do in the background and what options does it provide for troubleshooting? This is what we will explore.

Moving on, we will be troubleshooting errors made in modules and templates, finding the best solutions. We will be writing code that will helping us in identify errors. Then we will explain how several ENCs do their job and how puppet communicates with them. We will learn how PuppetDB collects data generated by Puppet. It also enables advanced Puppet features like exported resources, and can be the foundation for other applications that use Puppet’s data. By the end of the book we will have learned the best debugging tips for Puppet and PuppetServer.

  • Covers major tools in Puppet deployment
  • Fix catalog compilation problems and deal with issues found in larger deployments, such as scaling and improving performance.
  • A fast-paced guide with real-world examples
Page Count 144
Course Length 4 hours 19 minutes
ISBN 9781784398651
Date Of Publication 30 Aug 2015


Thomas Uphill

Thomas Uphill has been working with Unix and Linux since the 90s. He primarily works on Linux and has an RHCA from RedHat. He's written several books on Puppet and routinely presents on Linux and Puppet at conferences such as Puppet Conf and LISA. He enjoys writing code in Ruby and Python. When not working, he blogs at and @uphillian on Twitter and IRC.