SpamAssassin: A practical guide to integration and configuration

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This comprehensive and detailed guide answers all your SpamAssassin questions. You will learn about:

  • Spam detection and prevention
  • Installing and running SpamAssassin
  • Using Bayesian Filtering
  • Configuring mail clients
  • Rewriting spam messages
  • Integrating SpamAssassin with external services
  • Blacklisting and whitelisting
  • Increasing Performance
  • Using SpamAssassin as a service
  • Using SpamAssassin with Fetchmail, postfix, sendmail, Exim, Qmail, procmail
  • SpamAssassin rules



As a busy administrator, you know Spam is a major distraction in todays network. The effects range from inappropriate content arriving in the mailboxes up to contact email addresses placed on a website being deluged with unsolicited mail, causing valid enquiries and sales leads to be lost and wasting employee time. The perception of the problem of spam is as big as the reality. In response to the growing problem of spam, a number of free and commercial applications and services have been developed to help network administrators and email users combat spam. Its up to you to choose and then get the most out of an antispam solution. Free to use, flexible, and effective, SpamAssassin has become the most popular open source antispam application. Its unique combination of power and flexibility make it the right choice. This book will now help you set up and optimize SpamAssassin for your network.

  • Implement the right antispam solution for your network and your business requirements
  • Learn how to detect and prevent spam
  • Optimize SpamAssassin for all major mail servers and clients
  • Discover how to use SpamAssassin as a service

Chapter 9 - Bayesian Filtering

Page Count 216
Course Length 6 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781904811121
Date Of Publication 26 Sep 2004


Alistair McDonald

Alistair McDonald is a freelance IT consultant based in the UK. He has worked in IT for over 15 years and specializes in C++ and Perl development and IT infrastructure management. He is a strong advocate of open source, and has strong cross-platform skills. He prefers vim over vi, emacs over Xemacs or vim, and bash over ksh or csh.

He is very much a family man and spends as much time as possible with his family enjoying life.