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  • Identify what makes an Angular application SEO-friendly
  • Generate commands to create components and services
  • Distinguish between the container and presentational components
  • Implement server-side rendering using Angular Universal
  • Create a web server using Node.js and Express
  • Add dynamic metadata to your web application
  • Deploy a server-side rendered app to the cloud
  • Implement and configure a service worker using Angular PWA

With the help of Server-Side Enterprise Development with Angular, equip yourself with the skills required to create modern, progressive web applications that load quickly and efficiently. This fast-paced book is a great way to learn how to build an effective UX by using the new features of Angular 7 beta, without wasting efforts in searching for referrals.

To start off, you'll install Angular CLI and set up a working environment, followed by learning to distinguish between the container and presentational components. You'll explore advanced concepts such as making requests to a REST API from an Angular application, creating a web server using Node.js and Express, and adding dynamic metadata. You'll also understand how to implement and configure a service worker using Angular PWA and deploy the server-side rendered app to the cloud.

By the end of this book, you'll have developed skills to serve your users views that load instantly, while reaping all the SEO benefits of improved page indexing.

  • Explore differences between server-side and client-side rendering
  • Learn how to create a progressive web app with great SEO support
  • Discover best practices and how to use them to develop an app
Page Count 142
Course Length 4 hours 15 minutes
ISBN 9781789806267
Date Of Publication 29 Nov 2018


Bram Borggreve

Bram Borggreve is a software engineer from the Netherlands, who currently works as an instructor at, and is the founder of Colmena Consultancy. With almost 20 years of experience in all fields of the software lifecycle, Bram has a complete overview of the high-value challenges that clients are keen to resolve.