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Securing WebLogic Server 12c

Luca Masini, Rinaldi Vincenzo

Learn to develop, administer and troubleshoot for WebLogic Server with this book and ebook.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849687782
Paperback100 pages

About This Book

  • Discover Authentication providers
  • Configure security for WebLogic applications and develop your own security providers
  • Step by step guide to administer and configure WebLogic security providers
  • Quick guide to security configuration in WebLogic realm

Who This Book Is For

If you are a WebLogic Server administrator looking forward to a step by step guide to administer and configure WebLogic security, then this is the guide for you. Working knowledge of WebLogic is required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: WebLogic Security Concepts
General concept of security in Java EE
Authentication Providers
Identity Assertion
Credential Mapper
JASPIC and Java EE
Chapter 2: WebLogic Security Realm
Configuration of local LDAP server: user/roles/lockout
Configuring an external LDAP for Authentication/Authorization
Using Identity Assertion
Chapter 3: Java EE Security with WebLogic
Setting up an Enterprise Maven project
Securing the web module
A RESTful and secure EJB component
Chapter 4: Creating Custom Authentication Providers with Maven
The Maven project
Writing the MBean implementation
Custom JAAS LoginModule
Chapter 5: Integrating with Kerberos SPNEGO Identity Assertion
Using Identity Assertion SSO Kerberos in a Microsoft domain
SPNEGO Identity asserter configuration

What You Will Learn

  • Setup your development environment for WebLogic with Maven
  • Develop applications with Maven using fast split-deployment
  • Configure your applications to take advantage of Java EE Security
  • Understand how to integrate with WebLogic security
  • Configure a Security Realm from scratch
  • Integrate with your enterprise security systems
  • Detailed how-to Kerberos single-sign-on configuration with a little, but userful, knowledge base to solve some typical issue

In Detail

Security is a must in modern Enterprise architecture, and WebLogic implements a very complete and complex architecture for configuration and implementation, and we need to deeply know in technologies, terminology and how the security process works between all actors.
Transparent security of your applications and Weblogic infrastructure need a good knowledge of the issues you can incur in this long and error prone configuration process.

"Securing WebLogic Server 12c" will simplify a complex world like WebLogic Security, helping the reader to implement and configure. It’s the only fast guide that will let you develop and deploy in a production system with best practices both from the development world and the operation world.

This book will try to make a clear picture of Java EE Security with clean and simple step-by-step examples that will guide the reader to security implementation and configuration

From the concepts of Java EE Security to the development of secure application, from the configuration of a realm to the setup of Kerberos Single Sign on, every concept is expressed in simple terms and surrounded by examples and pictures. Finally, also a way to develop WebLogic Security Providers with Maven, so that you can add the security part of your infrastructure to your enterprise best practices.


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