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Practical Security Automation and Testing

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  • Automate secure code inspection with open source tools and effective secure code scanning suggestions
  • Apply security testing tools and automation frameworks to identify security vulnerabilities in web, mobile and cloud services
  • Integrate security testing tools such as OWASP ZAP, NMAP, SSLyze, SQLMap, and OpenSCAP
  • Implement automation testing techniques with Selenium, JMeter, Robot Framework, Gauntlt, BDD, DDT, and Python unittest
  • Execute security testing of a Rest API Implement web application security with open source tools and script templates for CI/CD integration
  • Integrate various types of security testing tool results from a single project into one dashboard

Security automation is the automatic handling of software security assessments tasks. This book helps you to build your security automation framework to scan for vulnerabilities without human intervention.

This book will teach you to adopt security automation techniques to continuously improve your entire software development and security testing. You will learn to use open source tools and techniques to integrate security testing tools directly into your CI/CD framework. With this book, you will see how to implement security inspection at every layer, such as secure code inspection, fuzz testing, Rest API, privacy, infrastructure security, and web UI testing.

With the help of practical examples, this book will teach you to implement the combination of automation and Security in DevOps. You will learn about the integration of security testing results for an overall security status for projects.

By the end of this book, you will be confident implementing automation security in all layers of your software development stages and will be able to build your own in-house security automation platform throughout your mobile and cloud releases.

  • Secure and automate techniques to protect web, mobile or cloud services
  • Automate secure code inspection in C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript
  • Integrate security testing with automation frameworks like fuzz, BDD, Selenium and Robot Framework
Page Count 256
Course Length 7 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781789802023
Date Of Publication 4 Feb 2019
Case study – automating a secure code review
Secure coding patterns for inspection
Quick and simple secure code scanning tools
Case study – XXE security
Case study – deserialization security issue
Further reading
The objective of sensitive information testing
Case study – weak encryption search
Case study – searching for a private key
Case study – website privacy inspection
Further reading
Case study – online shopping site for automated security inspection
Case 1 – web security testing using the ZAP REST API
Case 2 – full automation with CURL and the ZAP daemon
Case 3 – automated security testing for the user registration flow with Selenium
Further reading
Case 1 – web security scanning with ZAP-CLI
Case 2 – web security testing with ZAP & Selenium
Case 3 – fuzz XSS and SQLi testing with JMeter
Further reading
Managing and presenting test results
Approach 1 – integrate the tools with RapidScan
Approach 2 – generate a professional pentest report with Serpico
Approach 3 – security findings management DefectDojo
Further reading


Tony Hsiang-Chih Hsu

Tony Hsiang-Chih Hsu is a senior security architect, software development manager, and project manager with more than 20 years' experience in security services technology. He has extensive experience of the Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC) in relation to activities including secure architecture/design review, secure code review, threat modeling, automated security testing, and cloud service inspection. He is also an in-house SDL trainer, having offered hands-on courses totaling in more than 300 hours. He is also the author of Hands-on Security in DevOps, and a co-author of several Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) projects, including the OWASP testing guide, a proactive control guide, deserialization, cryptographic, and the XXE prevention cheatsheet.