PowerShell for Office 365

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  • Understand the benefits of scripting and automation and get started using Powershell with Office 365
  • Explore various PowerShell packages and permissions required to manage Offi ce 365 through PowerShell
  • Create, manage, and remove Office 365 accounts and licenses using PowerShell and the Azure AD
  • Learn about using powershell on other platforms and how to use Office 365 APIs through remoting
  • Work with Exchange Online and SharePoint Online using PowerShell
  • Automate your tasks and build easy-to-read reports using PowerShell

While most common administrative tasks are available via the Office 365 admin center, many IT professionals are unaware of the real power that is available to them below the surface. This book aims to educate readers on how learning PowerShell for Offi ce 365 can simplify repetitive and complex administrative tasks, and enable greater control than is available on the surface.

The book starts by teaching readers how to access Offi ce 365 through PowerShell and then explains the PowerShell fundamentals required for automating Offi ce 365 tasks.

You will then walk through common administrative cmdlets to manage accounts, licensing, and other scenarios such as automating the importing of multiple users,assigning licenses in Office 365, distribution groups, passwords, and so on.

Using practical examples, you will learn to enhance your current functionality by working with Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online using PowerShell. Finally, the book will help you effectively manage complex and repetitive tasks (such as license and account management) and build productive reports.

By the end of the book, you will have automated major repetitive tasks in Office 365 using PowerShell.

  • Master the fundamentals of PowerShell to automate Office 365 tasks.
  • Easily administer scenarios such as user management, reporting, cloud services, and many more.
  • A fast-paced guide that leverages PowerShell commands to increase your productivity.
Page Count 222
Course Length 6 hours 39 minutes
ISBN 9781787127999
Date Of Publication 25 Jul 2017


Martin Machado

Martin Machado is an MCSD with over 15 years, experience in designing and implementing systems. He moved into consulting as a way to satisfy his curiosity and interest in diverse IT scenarios and applications very early in his career. He started as an Oracle developer and quickly moved into systems integration with Microsoft technologies. He has a passion for designing complex systems and intricate migrations.

Martin currently works for Microsoft as a Senior Consultant in the Modern Applications Division. He has extensive experience helping customers of all sizes and currently spends most of his time designing solutions that take advantage of Azure and Office 365. When he is not working, Martin enjoys the company of his wife, Raquel, and son, David. He also spends time with his soldering gun, creating custom keyboards and other tinkering projects. Martin is originally from Uruguay but currently lives in the Washington DC metro area.

Prashant G Bhoyar

Prashant G Bhoyar is a Microsoft Office Server and Services MVP and a Microsoft Certified Professional. He is a trusted advisor and subject matter expert and specializes in the development and post-implementation adoption of complex custom solutions in Office 365, Azure, and SharePoint. He has supported many commercial and government agencies and non-profit organizations in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. He serves on the leadership committee for the DC Metro Office 365 User Group, the SharePoint Saturday Baltimore event, and the SharePoint Saturday Washington DC event. He actively speaks at technical conferences across the United States of America.

Prashant is a recipient of the Antarctic Service Medal of the United States of America for his outstanding service in Antarctica. He currently works as a Senior Consultant at WithumSmith+Brown, PC, and hails from the Washington DC metro area. When not working, Prashant likes to explore new places with his wife, Mayuri.