Nmap 6: Network Exploration and Security Auditing Cookbook

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  • Master the basic scanning techniques for port scanning and host discovery.
  • Implement your own host monitoring system with Nmap
  • Perform security checks to web applications, mail servers and databases
  • Learn to gather interesting host information not included in a typical scan
  • Tune scans to optimize performance
  • Create reports from the scan results
  • Run distributed scans through several clients
  • Write your own NSE scripts

Nmap is a well known security tool used by penetration testers and system administrators. The Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) has added the possibility to perform additional tasks using the collected host information. Tasks like advanced fingerprinting and service discovery, information gathering, and detection of security vulnerabilities.

"Nmap 6: Network exploration and security auditing cookbook" will help you master Nmap and its scripting engine. You will learn how to use this tool to do a wide variety of practical tasks for pentesting and network monitoring. Finally, after harvesting the power of NSE, you will also learn how to write your own NSE scripts.

"Nmap 6: Network exploration and security auditing cookbook" is a book full of practical knowledge for every security consultant, administrator or enthusiast looking to master Nmap. The book overviews the most important port scanning and host discovery techniques supported by Nmap. You will learn how to detect mis-configurations in web, mail and database servers and also how to implement your own monitoring system.

The book also covers tasks for reporting, scanning numerous hosts, vulnerability detection and exploitation, and its strongest aspect; information gathering.

  • Master the power of Nmap 6
  • Learn how the Nmap Scripting Engine works and develop your own scripts!
  • 100% practical tasks, relevant and explained step-by-step with exact commands and optional arguments description
Page Count 320
Course Length 9 hours 36 minutes
ISBN 9781849517485
Date Of Publication 23 Nov 2012


Paulino Calderon

Paulino Calderon (@calderpwn on Twitter) is the cofounder of Websec, a company offering information security consulting services based in Mexico and Canada. When he is not traveling to a security conference or conducting on-site consulting for Fortune 500 companies, he spends peaceful days in Cozumel, a beautiful small island in the Caribbean, learning new technologies, conducting big data experiments, developing new tools, and finding bugs in software.

Paulino is active in the open source community, and his contributions are used by millions of people in the information security industry. In 2011, Paulino joined the Nmap team during the Google Summer of Code to work on the project as an NSE developer. He focused on improving the web scanning capabilities of Nmap, and he has kept contributing to the project since then. In addition, he has been a mentor for students who focused on vulnerability detection during the Google Summer of Code 2015 and 2017.

He has published Nmap 6: Network Exploration and Security Auditing Cookbook and Mastering the Nmap Scripting Engine, which cover practical tasks with Nmap and NSE development in depth. He loves attending information security conferences, and he has given talks and participated in workshops in dozens of events in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Curacao.