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  • Monitor system performance and security
  • Secure your network with Jails
  • Tweak parameters to overcome bottlenecks
  • Configure interfaces with ifconfig
  • Test and debug connectivity
  • Configure PPP networking
  • Control IP and IPv6 routing with routed and route6d
  • Run OSPF and BGP with OpenOSPFD and OpenBGPD
  • Configure an IPFW firewall and PF packet filtering
  • Set up internet services on your FreeBSD server

This book is a guide to FreeBSD for network administrators; therefore it does not cover basic installation and configuration of FreeBSD, but is about using FreeBSD to build, secure, and maintain networks.

After introducing the basic tools for monitoring the performance and security of the system the book moves on to cover using jails—FreeBSD virtual environments—to virtually run multiple instances of FreeBSD on the same hardware. Then it shows how to overcome the different bottlenecks that you may meet depending on the services you are running by tweaking different parameters to maintain a high performance from your FreeBSD server. Next it covers using the ifconfig utility to configure interfaces with different layer protocols and about connectivity testing and debugging tools. After covering using User PPP or Kernel PPP for Point-to-Point Protocol network configuration it explains basic IP forwarding in FreeBSD and the use of the built-in routing daemons, routed and route6d, which support RIPv1, RIPv2, RIPng, and RDISC. Next it covers the OpenOSPFD and OpenBGPD daemons that you can install to run OSPF and BGP on your host. Then it covers setup and configuration of IPFW and PF, and finally looks at some important internet services and how to set them up on your FreeBSD server.

  • Set up and manage networking on FreeBSD
  • Virtualization with FreeBSD Jails, IPFW and PF
  • Configure interfaces, protocols, and routing


Page Count 280
Course Length 8 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781847192646
Date Of Publication 13 Apr 2008


Babak Farrokhi

Babak Farrokhi is an experienced UNIX system administrator and Network Engineer who worked 12 years in the IT industry in carrier-level network service providers. He discovered FreeBSD around 1997 and since then he has been using it on a daily basis. He is also an experienced Solaris administrator and has extensive experience in TCP/IP networks.

In his spare time he contributes to the open source community and develops his skills to keep himself in the cutting edge.

You may contact Babak at and his personal website at

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