Microsoft Windows Server AppFabric Cookbook

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  • Download, install, configure and get up and running with Windows Server AppFabric quickly
  • Learn how to take advantage of distributed caching for providing high performance and elastic scale on-premise today
  • Take advantage of the enhanced hosting capabilities that Windows Server AppFabric has to offer including Auto-Start and a greatly simplified configuration experience
  • Enable support for long-running composite applications that are resilient and fault-tolerant while maximizing computing resources
  • Gain insight into the health of your composite applications seamlessly, both proactively and when something goes wrong
  • Learn how to scale Windows Server AppFabric by leveraging farm deployments

Windows Server AppFabric provides a set of integrated capabilities that extend IIS and the Windows Server platform making it easier to build, scale and manage composite applications today. Windows Server AppFabric delivers the first wave of innovation within an exciting new middleware paradigm which brings performance, scalability and enhanced management capabilities to the platform for applications built on the .NET Framework using Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation.

'Microsoft Windows Server AppFabric Cookbook' shows you how to get the most from WCF and WF services using Windows Server AppFabric leveraging the capabilities for building composite solutions on the .NET platform.

Packed with over 60 task-based and immediately reusable recipes, ‘Microsoft Windows Server AppFabric Cookbook’ starts by showing you how to set up your development environment to start using Windows Server AppFabric quickly. The book then moves on to provide comprehensive coverage of the most important capabilities provided by Windows Server AppFabric, diving right in to hands-on topics such as deploying WCF and WF applications to Windows Server AppFabric and leveraging the distributed caching, scalable hosting, persistence, monitoring and management capabilities that Windows Server AppFabric has to offer, with recipes covering a full spectrum of complexity from simple to intermediate and advanced.

  • Gain a solid understanding of the capabilities provided by Windows Server AppFabric with a pragmatic, hands-on, results-oriented approach with this book and eBook
  • Learn how to apply the WCF and WF skills you already have to make the most of what Windows Server AppFabric has to offer
  • Includes step-by-step recipes for developing highly scalable composite services that utilize the capabilities provided by Windows Server AppFabric including caching, hosting, monitoring and persistence
Page Count 428
Course Length 12 hours 50 minutes
ISBN 9781849684187
Date Of Publication 25 Jul 2012


Hammad Rajjoub

Hammad works as an Architect Evangelist with Microsoft. Before joining Microsoft, Hammad was awarded Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award, seven years in a row. Along with being an MVP he was also Microsoft's Business Platform Technology Advisor. Being an MVP in Connected Systems gave him early access to Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, as well as Windows Server AppFabric. In his previous roles he has been a CTO at a technology startup, Vice President at one of largest financial institutions, as well as a Solutions Architect at a leading consulting company. Hammad has over a decade of experience using Microsoft Technologies, especially .Net since its beta 1 release. He is a published author and a frequent speaker at Technology conferences (including Tech Ed and Cloud Computing Asia). He has founded a number of developer and architect communities over the years and remains a passionate speaker and contributor at local technical communities in Singapore. He is also an active member of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA) - Singapore Chapter. His areas of interest include Cloud Computing, Enterprise Architecture, Design Patterns and Quantum Computation. At home he is a busy husband and father of twin girls and a baby boy. For more details visit his website at and his twitter account @hammadrajjoub.

Rick G. Garibay

With over 12 years’ experience delivering solutions on the Microsoft platform across industry sectors, Rick is a developer, architect, speaker and author on distributed .NET technologies and is the General Manager of the Connected Systems Practice at Neudesic. Rick focuses on helping mid-market and large enterprise clients to transform their business by designing solutions that drive transparency, differentiation and innovation by combining modern, iterative software engineering methodologies with the collective capabilities of the Microsoft Platform to help close the value gap. Rick specializes in distributed technologies such as Microsoft .NET, Windows Communication Foundation, Workflow Foundation, Windows Server AppFabric, and Windows Azure to deliver business value and drive revenue while reducing operational costs. Rick serves as a member of the Microsoft Application Platform Partner Advisory Council as well as an advisor to Microsoft as a long-time member of the Business Platform and Azure Technology Advisors group. As a five-time Microsoft Connected Systems MVP, Rick is an active speaker, writer and passionate community advocate in the national .NET community. Rick is the President and Co-Founder of the Phoenix Connected Systems User Group, celebrating three years in operation. Recent presentations include talks at the Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference in Redmond, WA, Microsoft TechEd in New Orleans, LA, Desert Code Camp, and numerous Microsoft roadshow events throughout North America. Rick is a frequent contributor to industry publications such as CODE Magazine and maintains a technical blog focused on Microsoft distributed technologies at